S-GUARD Connector - BNC CONNECTOR, metal

S-GUARD Connector - BNC CONNECTOR, metal

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S-GUARD Connector - BNC CONNECTOR, metal

Прoдавница Ажурирана Цена Линк до производ
ДДКом http://www.ddcom.com.mk   Детали 19,00 ден.

пред 5 години

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S-GUARD Connector - BNC CONNECTOR, metal

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од Ненајавен корисник info Ова оценување сеуште не е пресметано во вкупната оценка на производот.

That's a great question and one I've dealt with in the past.No matter how I have it in my head it always looks less nice,with very few exeotpicns. BUT I've learnt to love what I see in the photos and it's so much fun. Somedays like today I flop on an outfit but my mind is already travelling to the next.I do get valuable information though about the lines ,the silhouettes and I learned the importance of fitting by looking at previous outfits.